What is Ubiquitous Presenter?

Ubiquitous Presenter (UP) is an outgrowth of University of Washington's Classroom Presenter (CP), a program that uses Tablet PC ink to allow instructors to annotate pre-prepared slides and students to create submissions for in-class activities. UP takes many of CP's features onto the web (using TCP/IP) and extends functionality including supporting student interaction from non-Tablet devices.

UP Screenshot UP Screenshot
Instructor's lecture view. Student's web view.

What can UP do for me?

UP offers the structure and detail of pre-prepared slides along with the flexibility of on-the-fly inking, leaving you free to pursue tangents, correct mistakes, and provide step-by-step in-class examples. Slide minimization and whiteboard features provide you with any extra space you need. Students can synchronize with your presentation via a web browser and watch it real-time, or remain unsynchronized and move between the slides at their leisure. All of your progressive inking is saved on the web, so students can return later and step through the lecture for review.

Active Learning with UP

Additionally, UP provides a framework within which you can interact with your students -- both during and outside of lecture time. Students, through a web site, choose a method of interaction by clicking on a web link. They can interact by voting (selecting a radio button), typing a text input, or with "ink" -- using a Java applet to draw. These submissions are both sent to the instructor for in class review and are stored alongside that slide for students to review later. Additionally, the student submission capability can be left on after class or enabled before class to support Just in Time Teaching. Click here to watch a brief video clip on how to do active learning using Student Submissions.